Do you often get up in the morning when your alarm goes off and you have to hurry to get ready for work, pack your bag, eat breakfast, make a coffee and by the time you have done all that you're sprinting out the door? Does this also sound familiar to other parts of your life? 

Having routines and habits that you form to organise your life are important and this also goes for your health and fitness. Have you ever been on a diet and been doing really well then life gets in the way and within weeks you're back to your bad eating habits? This has a lot to do with not creating habits and routines around your life therefore your diet begins to suffer as well. 

We have provided a list of things that work for us regarding health and fitness:

  1. If you workout in the morning lay out your clothes the night before in another room in the house so you have to get out of bed to put them on, if you workout after work pack your bag the night before (NOT THE MORNING OF).
  2. Meal Prep, set aside 2 to 3 hours on a Sunday to prepare your meals for the week, cook up your meats, veggies etc or if you like sandwiches have your ingredients all in a container ready to go. 
  3. Use a organising app. There are plenty of apps out there (or calendar on your phone) and put in what you have on for the week including your workouts. This will make life a whole easier knowing when your workouts are and what else you have to do. 
  4. Prepare your week on a Sunday (or the night before). The morning is not for organising, it is for getting ready for the day, working out, breakfast, getting kids ready for school, not packing your workout bag and trying to make a healthy lunch. 

Having these routines will keep you level, less stressed and more likely to stay on track in regards to your health and fitness. We hope this helps you in your health and fitness journey.

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