When you start something you always need a reason as to why you started that particular part of your life. For example you start a health and fitness goal your why is because you want to look good for your partner, you want to keep up with your kids, you want to run a marathon, be part of a corporate triathlon, whatever it may be you need to start with a why. My why is really two fold: 

  1. I wanted  to create a brand of activewear for men that was functional and versatile. I couldn’t find a pair of shorts I liked to go to gym and run in or shirts that fitted properly. It lead me to go on the journey to source the best quality products I could find; and
  2. I knew exactly what it was like to be overweight, unfit, unhealthy, depressed because I just wasn’t myself, this occured for my twice, once back in in 2008 and again in 2017, my mental wellness was poor and that lead to unhealthy choices in my lifestyle. This made me want to help men who feel this way, put a shirt on their back and let them know that there are in a community of brothers who are their to support and motivate them. 

This has lead me on a very up and down journey but my why has never changed. Over the past 18 months since I launched the product I have made sure that I created a community of men to get around each other and share knowledge, support, achievements and losses. This is one thing I am extremely proud of creating with the brand and I want Maw Active to be more than a brand of clothing, its a brotherhood and a community. 

2018 has been such a wonderful year for myself and the brand and all the hard work myself and my team put in place behind the scenes is incredible. I cannot wait for what 2019 will bring, my why will never change but who we reach is going to be enourmous. 

Feel free to join the Maw Brothers Tribe facebook group, this is a group dedicated for men (sorry ladies) to share their health and fitness journey’s and we all help each other out and get around each other. Link to join below:

Maw Brothers Tribe 

Welcome to Maw Active and the brotherhood we have created.

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