Have you ever wanted to start something but not gone ahead with it? Was it something that was holding you back, lack of time, fear of failure, not being good enough, cost to much etc. It is in our human DNA not to find a way to start something, it’s a defence mechanism that we have that someone may judge us for say, starting training for Spartan racing or Triathlon or to climb Everest, we therefore don’t go ahead with it and we let that dream dissolve.

I am no exception to this, I have fears everyday that things may not go well for me personally or professionally but I have been able to learn incredible self awareness, self belief and positive self talk that challenges are something I see and look forward to taking on. 

If you really want to start something you need 100% focus and dedication. The way to do that is you need to set yourself a reason why, goals along the way and an end goal. For example if you wanted to lose 10kgs your why could be for your kids, you goals could be that you want to be able to run with the kids, do a 5km charity run, lift 100kg deadlift at the gym, look good at the beach and your end goal is to keep the weight off and live a healthy enjoyable life. You are going to run into obstacles along the way, at the start you will have doubters, as you persist you will still have doubters but when you achieve what you set out to do they will ask you how you did it. Keep that focus and dedication going when things evitability happen and trust me they will happen. The best form of revenge is massive success. 

An example of getting started is myself with running. Back in 2016 I really focused on running and I ended up getting a PB time of 20m:12s for 5km, which I was so incredibly proud of and I was dedicated to beat 20 minutes. Through no one elses fault but my own I stopped running and when I started again in March 2018, my first 5km timed run was 30m:04s and I was also overweight at 90kgs. I knew I had to be dedicated and disciplined to lose the weight and run faster. Currently I am running around 23 minutes for 5km and I am sitting at 80kgs but I will not stop until I break that 20 minute barrier, It may take me a while but I am 100% dedicated to doing that. 

My tips for starting are:

  • Find a group of people, club, organisation and join, these people will support you as they are all in the same boat;
  • Focus on your why, goals and end goal and nothing will stop you;
  • Don’t listen to doubters, if you do use their words to motivate you; and
  • Positive self talk, self belief and self awareness. 

I want you to get out there and start that health and fitness journey, it may start hard but you will love the process. 

Feel free to join the Maw Brothers Tribe facebook group, this is a group dedicated for men (sorry ladies) to share their health and fitness journey’s and we all help each other out and get around each other. Link to join below:

Maw Brothers Tribe 

Welcome to Maw Active and the brotherhood we have created.

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