I quite often here from people that they don’t want to try something new because they will feel embarrassed, judged, criticised, laughed at etc and this is much more prevalent in today’s world due to Social Media, body image and social status. I experience this feeling myself when I embark on a new endevour. It is difficult to put yourself out there knowing that you will be judged for good and bad. Everytime we put a post on social media it is open for the world to see and we will be judged on what we put up from our family, friends, followers and the general public. 

A number of known celebrities have had breaks from social media for this exact reason, we quite often forget that these people are human beings just like us but they live their life in the spotlight. 

Another big fear of judgement is exercise. We are fearful that when we walk into a gym that people will judge us and therefore we don’t continue. It can be crippling too because you’re doing something positive to change your life and the fear of judgement is restricting you. 

So how can we overcome the crippling fear of been judged in our lives? is having “I don’t care what you think” attitude. I can attest to this, at the start of my business I was worried what I was putting up on my personal pages and the Maw Active pages and fearing I will be laughed at and judged. As I started to read more into self development and growing as a person I started to form an attitude that I really didn’t care what the haters thought, I just cared that my message was getting to the right people. 

The maw and maw (sorry not sorry) I took this attitude into my everyday life the more I didn’t even let it bother me. I walk into the gym with every self confidence that I am here for me and others can judge if they want to but I just don’t let it affect me. 

If you are having this feeling about starting something new or continuing on with something, is that the judgement is never really about you, it is about the person who is judging you and to have the “I don’t care what you think” attitude. 

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