The topic on limiting beliefs or story telling is the biggest reason we all aren’t where we want to be in any aspect of our lives. 

I am no different to any of you, I have told myself so many stories why I am not where I want to be. These have included ‘I have no money’ to ‘everyone will judge me if I fail’ or ‘I am not as good as this person or that business so I won’t make it’. As soon as we tell ourselves these stories we believe them so much they become apart of us and we use them as reason to not go after what we truly want. 

The biggest limiting belief is probably failure. I know for myself it is my biggest fear and it what drives me to keep on going and live out my dream of growing a brand and influcening people to live healthy and happy lives. Failure can take many forms from not entering a race or competition in case we don’t achieve our goal, not starting that business in case in fails, not going for a job that is above us in case we fail at it or going after that crush incase we get rejected. 

We therefore limit ourselves and believe our stories that we aren’t that ‘smart’ or ‘fast’ or ‘strong’ and go on dreaming about what might be instead of actually going for it. Use regret as a motivation and set yourself some massive goals and punch through those beliefs that have been holding you back. 

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