What did you say? Have you lost it? This is a topic I have struggled with a lot of my life and I would suggest that many of you would aswell. We are taught from a young age that failing is not going to get you anywhere, that if you fail at school then you won't be successful in adulthood. If you don't make the best sporting teams that you're not good enough. When I hear people's personal and professional journey's it is quite often the case that they will say they didn't follow through or complete something is because they weren't good enough, they are embarassed to fail in front of others and/or that they tried and didn't get the desired result. 

When it comes to failing in health and fitness the main topic is losing or putting on weight. This can be a sensitive issue for some and I appreciate that but the reason you're failing (disclaimer - my words and opinion) is not genetics, not your trainer, not your partner, not your kids, not your boss, not your job, it is in fact you and your mindset surrounding failure. In the past you may have tried to lose or gain weight and it was going well for a while but then what happens is you plateu and then you see no results for a while, so you either give up and call that a failure because it is not okay to fail or you blame something else to tell yourself a story that you didn't fail. Sound familiar? 

This is an all too common occurance in life, we don't want to fail. Personally it has taken A LOT of practice to accept that failure is okay. I will give you an example on 29 September 2018, I ran a 5km time of 24:16 at a local parkrun (don't know what parkrun is? Google it and get involved), that was for me a horrible time, very disheartening because I had put in a lot of training and for almost 3 - 4 months prior to this run I had been stuck at running between 22:30 to 24 minutes for 5km. So instead of going that is it I am not going to get any faster I am going to give up (which in previous years I may of done or looked for excuses), I decided to reach out to the Maw Brothers Tribe (thank you boys) and reevaluate my training and as of today 10 November 2018 I ran a time of 22:06 for 5km at parkrun. So in my story it took a failure to show me what I was doing was not working and to try a different approach. I will fail again in my running journey but I will keep changing what I do to get the result I want and ultimately I will succeed like I did today. 

Everyday I fail, personally and professionally but I know that each failure is teaching me a lesson. That if I am not getting the desired result then I need to reevaluate and change my approach. Have you ever heard a footy coach say "we learned more from that loss then a win"? It just shows that losing is okay, that not to give up if you don't get it the 1st, 100th or even 10,000th time, that ever failure has a story to tell and it is bringing you one step closer to your success. 

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