Once a month we will be featuring one of our customers in an email about their health and fitness journey and life in general. This month we are featuring Ted Britt (photo in the Performance Tee and Performance Compression Shorts). 

Ted is from Brisbane, Australia and is living his dream as coach of well known and loved triathlon club. He is also an amazing inspiration to many (myself included). Check out Ted's journey below. 

Where are you from? 

Originally Shepparton, Victoria, but lived almost all my life in the Redland, Queensland!

What got you started on your health and fitness journey?

I was a swimmer and runner in high school, then turned to triathlon.  I had a break for 10 years, getting married and building a family!  I was struggling with the office environment mentally and turned to riding and running to get me through the days, weeks and years.  Finally, 2 years ago I made a massive decision and changed my career path and am working and living in this health & fitness field as a coach and loving every moment!

What tips do you have for someone who is just starting their journey?

Four basic rules:
1. Be patient and build slowly!
2. Be disciplined and consistent!
3. Focus on getting your movement right (skills and technique first)!
4. Dream BIG, aim HIGH!  (but remember the first 3 rules)

What are you daily habits that allow you to exercise and stay on track?

Meditation / midfullness
Exercise EVERYDAY (in some form)!

What are your 2019 health and fitness goals?

Re-assessing at the moment!  Life throws curve balls at you all the time!
Currently my main goal is to rehabilitate my shoulder after breaking my collarbone that required surgery (its been a long 7 and half weeks so far)!

What do you think of the Maw Active gear?

The performance t-shirt is super comfortable as a workout shirt or event at a Sunday BBQ (super impressed).
The short are my favorite running short now, packed full of features from the in-build knicks to the zipper pockets (AMAZING)

What adversity have you had to overcome to get to where you are?

I don't really have a story!  I guess like everyone I have struggled with mental health issues at times, I have had my share of injuries, soft tissue and bones! 
I find as an husband, father, coach, a business manager and an athlete, fitting it all in is perhaps my biggest struggle!   But I find a way to #getitdone through applying a little #disciplinedconsistency!

Thank you Ted for your amazing story, we are so proud that Ted is part of the Maw Brothers and provides so much knowledge and advice to our group. 

We can't wait to bring you next Month's customer in focus. 

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