Once a month we will be featuring one of our customers in an email about their health and fitness journey and life in general. This month we are featuring Marty Bowen (photo in the PERFORMANCE COMPRESSION SHORTS & PERFORMANCE TEE). 

Marty is about to run his 20th consecutive month of either a half or full marathon at the Granddaddy of them all the New York Marathon. His hunger and determination to acheive his goals is something to behold, enjoy Marty's Journey: 

Where are you from?

Born in Newcastle and lived in Townsville, Wagga, Canberra and Sydney. Now located about 90 minutes’ drive South West of Sydney in Moss Vale.

What got you started on your health and fitness journey?

From a young age I played in team sports – mostly rugby union. Training was organized for me and I enjoyed it. When my rugby days ended, I did some ad hoc stuff but didn’t click into gear until I joined Personal Training studio and sorted out my structures again. During this time, I took up road running and haven’t really looked back.

What motivates you to keep going?

I like to push myself to complete events and better my time. I also hope my running in some way inspires my wife and kids.

What tips do you have for someone who is just starting their journey?

Start. Don’t think about the big stuff. Just start. Walking becomes jogging becomes running. It’s that simple. And combine any running with some strength work from the start – that’s imperative.

What are you daily habits that allow you to exercise and stay on track?

Having a goal helps me. Mostly over the past 2 years for me, that’s been an event – half marathon or marathon. I do find having a training partner valuable. It’s another accountability measure.

What are your 2019 health and fitness goals?

In 2019 I set out to complete 12 consecutive months of events of at least half marathon distance and another marathon. I’ve expanded that to continue my run of consecutive events – now aiming for 2 years. I’ve also taken down all of my PBs for running distances this year – proud of that.

What do you think of the Maw Active gear?

I love it. Very functional – I’ve worn it for running up to marathon distance and it has held up well. It looks good and feels good. What’s not to like? I’m looking forward to the new releases.

What is your favourite item of Maw Clothing?

“Performance” gear – shorts and tee. MAWsome.

Who do you look up too in your health and fitness journey?

Eliud Kipchoge is an unbelievable athlete – watching him break 2 hours was something to behold. But as a humble weekend warrior, I really look up to people who just go beyond what they thought was possible for them. I make an effort to acknowledge anyone who completes a milestone event for the first time – those people are salt of the earth.

What adversity have you had to overcome to get to where you are?

I can’t claim any adversity, to be honest. I’ve had a good life – great parents, great family, outstanding and supportive wife. We all have our crosses to bear but I know there are many heavier and more difficult to carry than mine. I think injuries can become a barrier, but I’ve fought through a lot of that to somehow stay on the road and I intend to keep that going.

Thank you Marty for your incredible determined and we will all be cheering for you in NYC.

We can't wait to bring you next Month's customer in focus. 

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