Once a month we will be featuring one of our customers in an email about their health and fitness journey and life in general. This month we are featuring Luke Brodrick (photo in the Classic Black Tee). 

Luke is originally from Toowoomba, QLD but now resides in Wagga, NSW, Luke has an incredible journey from 160kg to Marathon man, please see below his inspirational story: 

Where are you from?

Originally from Toowoomba in Qld, moved to wagga when I finished school and have been here for the last 18 years.  I now call it home with my wife and 3 boys.

What got you started on your health and fitness journey?

I was at my heaviest at just over 160kg.  I was at breaking point.  I had tried loads of diets and couldn’t stick, and my doctor was about to subscribe blood pressure medication.  I decided at this point that I wanted to have surgery.  I had a gastric sleeve in August 2016.  Everything went smooth, and in March 2017 I was with one of my customers, and they were looking to do a half marathon to raise money for their Daughter who was born with one leg shorter than the other.  I knew I had four hours to finish and would start training.  I downloaded couch to 5k and I was off.  During this training I got addicted and decided I would try and hit it out in sub two hours. The chosen half was Dubbo stampede and completed in sub 2 hour.  Since then I have run 4 marathons, multiple half’s, 10kms & 5 kms.  My pb sit at 3:30 (42.2km) 1:34:53 (21.2km) 41:53 (10km) 20:00 (5km).

Running is who I am, and how people know me.  I have met so many amazing people throughout my journey who I know call friends.  Without discovery running, who would know where I would be now. 

What motivates you to keep going?

Being I’m a salesman in my day job, I’m driven by results.  I strive to do better each time.  I have an aim to run a sub 3hr marathon, sub 1:25 half, sub 40 10km and sub 20 5km.  Seeing how my running makes my children motivated gives me the drive to keep pushing, as I see the fire within them, and that is something I have never been able to give them.

What are you daily habits that allow you to exercise and stay on track?

I try and do all my runs prior to 7am.  This allows me to juggle the family and running life.  I think without this, my training would be over the shop.  Also having an understanding wife helps. I train 6 days a week, with Monday being rest day.  Sessions range from 6km to 36km, and weeks vary from 76-98km.

What is your favourite item of Maw Clothing?

This is actually a very hard question.  I own every item in the range, and its hard to pick my favourite.  I do have to say I am a massive fan of the Tee range.  The material used in this feels so good and is great in summer and winter alike.

Who do you look up too in your health and fitness journey?

I don’t particularly look up to any one, but love seeing people become a better version of themselves.  See how they achieve this and follow their journey then inspires me to do the same.

What adversity have you had to overcome to get to where you are?

My biggest thing has been my weight, coming from 160+kg to where I am now, along with the mental challenges that brings with it.  When you have seen yourself for most of your life as fat then see this athletic person now looking back at you, it plays heavily with your mindset.

What/When is your next fitness event?

My next event is Melbourne Marathon in October 2019.

Thank you Luke for sharing how you have changed your life and the continuing inspiration you provide everyone who comes into contact with you.  

We can't wait to bring you next Month's customer in focus. 

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