Once a month we feature one of our customers about their health and fitness journey and life in general. This month we are featuring Kris Ellis (photo in the Blue Move Shorts). 

Starting his fitness journey in 2018, after waking up one day at 140kg, started slow but has not stopped. Read Kris' journey below: 

Where are you from?

Born in Sydney but have lived in Adelaide for the last 27 years. 

What got you started on your health and fitness journey? 

I was 140kg (or more) and one day in August 2018, I woke up and looked in the mirror and didn’t like the person I saw. Started slowly on the treadmill and built up from there in pace and distance. 

If anyone who do you look up to for health and fitness inspiration? 

Don’t really have an idol. My work colleague used to start Parkrun's here in SA and would encourage me to partake. I eventually took the lunge and went and haven’t stopped.

What is your favourite fitness activity?

Running or walking. Running preferably as I pop in music and just go. By myself, in my own time and at my own pace.

What has been your favourite event/race to date? 

Would have to say the Barossa Half Marathon this year (2023). The weather was pretty bad (windy, wet and cold) but still managed to put in my best result to date! So pretty chuffed with that.

Why would you recommend Maw Active?

Comfortable gear to run in. I love the shorts and use them especially on my faster runs as they are lightweight and not restrictive. The shield jumper is also very nice and keeps me warm in the cooler months.

What is your favourite Movie?

As a movie buff, this is a hard one. I enjoy a whole range of genres. I’m a sucker for a Jim Carrey movie though.

What adversity have you had to overcome to get to where you are?

Myself. I was standing in the path of myself. Always making up excuses not to do something or finding reasons as to why I was “failing”. Becoming a new person, I have managed to overcome all those obstacles and strive to be a better person than what I was.

What is your favourite piece of Maw Active gear?

Move shorts definitely to date! Both colours are great.

What are two things you attribute to achieving your goals?

Staying positive and believing in myself.

Favourite type of music or band?

I flow in between the many genres of heavy metal. I can listen to softer stuff with a lot of clean vocals or go into death melodic metal within a heartbeat.

What has been your greatest achievement to date?

The fact I am out and being active. Going from someone who couldn’t be bothered walking the smallest amount of steps around a shopping centre to now running up to and over 50km a week is a big achievement.

If you could what event/race would you like to undertake in the world?

I’d probably like to do the World Marathon Majors. Would be pricey and hard work but the experience would be awesome.

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